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Palio del Duca – Sponsalia in Acquaviva Picena

In August, the historical reenactment with costumes, competitions, banquets and shows

Palio del Duca - Sponsalia in Acquaviva Picena - MArche Italy
03 Aug 2017 - 06 Aug 2017 Marche -Acquaviva Picena (AP)  Folklore

At the beginning of August, the Medieval village of Acquaviva Picena (near Ascoli Piceno) hosts Palio del Duca – Sponsalia, a historical reenactment of the wedding of Forastéria, Rinaldo of  Acquaviva’s daughter, and Rainaldo of Brunforte, in 1234.
The event lasts 3 days, on Thursay, Friday and Sunday.
On Thursday August 3 2017 the event opens with the Historical Court and the cloth benediction.
Friday August 4 2017 is the day of Palio del Duca
On Sunday August 6 2017 the Wedding banquet takes place.

During the three days of the historical reenactment the village of Acquaviva is immersed in a Medieval atmosphere and people wearing costumes walk around the town: armies, flag wavers, ladies, and also people wearing costumes of that time.
The Wedding banquet on Sunday is enliven up by dances and music of that time, charlatan games and fire eaters. Also the menu offers typical recipes of 1200 served by waiters wearing Medieval costumes.

Possibility to participate in the wedding banquet. Reservation is mandatory.
Associazione Palio del Duca – tel. +39 0735 764 115

Cover photo taken from the website of the event