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Historical Carnival in Bibbiena

Historical Carnival in Bibbiena

February - March Tuscany -Bibbiena (Arezzo)  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions

February-March. It commemorates the kidnapping of Mea. Flag wavers, parades, musicians…

Carnival in Saint Rhemy en Bosses

Historical Carnival in Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses

February - March Valle D'Aosta -Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions | Historical reenactments

February-March. Traditional masks and commemoration of Napoleon’s passage.

Verrès Carnival - Aosta Valley, Italy

Verrès Historical Carnival

February - March Valle D'Aosta -Verrès (AO)  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions | Historical reenactments

February-March, the Carnival that celebrates Caterina di Challant.

The Resiano Carnival in the province of Udine.Until Ash Wednesday

The Resiano Carnival – San Giorgio di Resia

February - March Friuli-Venezia Giulia -San Giorgio di Resia (Udine)  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions

February-March. Feast, procession and funeral of the Babaz, the symbol of feasts’ ending.

Tiburtino Carnival - Tivoli

Tiburtino Carnival – Tivoli

06 Feb 2022 - 01 Mar 2022 Lazio -Tivoli (Rome)  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions

6 February- 1 March 2022. A mix of history, traditions and fun.

Carnevale di Sciacca - Sicilia

Sciacca Carnival – Sciacca, Sicily

February - March Sicily -Sciacca (Agrigento)  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions

February-March. One of the most famous Carnival in Sicily. Masques, music,dances, traditonal food

Carnival in Aliano

Carnival in Aliano

February - March Basilicata -Aliano (Matera)  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions

February-March. In Matera province, masks parade “cornute”, goofy figures with big hats

Sartiglia - Oristano

Sartiglia – Oristano

27 Feb 2022 - 01 Mar 2022 Sardinia -Oristano  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions

27 February-1 March 2022. Medieval game of chivalry with knights and horses.

Viareggio Carnival

Viareggio Carnival

12 Feb 2022 - 05 Mar 2022 Tuscany -Viareggio (Lucca)  Children | Festival

12 February-5 March 2022. At Viareggio Carnival wagons 20 meters high

Putignano Carnival

February - March Puglia -Putignano (Bari)  Children | Festival | Folklore-Traditions

February-March, the oldest Carnival in Europe. 4 parades and a Pentolaccia feast