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Lungo le Antiche Rue – Civitella Roveto

October 19-21, 2018. Roscetta chestnuts and rural traditions in Civitella Roveto

19 Oct 2018 - 21 Oct 2018 Abruzzo -Civitella Roveto (L'Aquila)  Children | Folklore | Food/Wine
Castagne Roscetta - Lungo le Antiche Rue
Roscetta Chestnuts

Lungo le Antiche Rue (“Along the ancient streets”) takes place in Civitella Roveto (L’Aquila) from October 19th to October 21st 2018. It is dedicated to the delicious Roscetta chestnut, a chestnut variety growing in the Val Roveto region of Abruzzo.

During the festival, visitors walking through the streets (“Rue”) of the village can enjoy the smell of chestnuts and the sweet perfume of doughnuts, the sound of crackling fire and the taste of jams and pies.

The music band accompanies the event, while acrobats, jugglers and street artists entertains children and adults.

“Lungo le Antiche Rue” – celebrating its 18th anniversary – attracts thousands of visitors every year.
It is also possible to rent camper vans for sleeping. For any information go to the website of the event.

(Photos in the gallery: Lungo le Antiche Rue website. Ph. Italo Tonti, Valerio Romano, Eliseo Romano / Photo above: Wikipedia. Ph. Marica Massaro)