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Falconry Festival in Melfi

SUSPENDED. TO BE CONFIRMED. Falconers from all over Europe and a leap into the past in Melfi.

Falconry Festival in Melfi
October Basilicata -Melfi (PZ)  Festival | Folklore/Traditions | Historical reenactments | Sport


The last weekend of October 2021, the Falconry Festival takes place in Melfi, the town that in the 13th century became Frederick II’s favourite place.

The festival is a leap into the past, in the time of Emperor Fredrick II and his court.
The streets of Melfi’s historic centre, the Norman Castle, the fields and woods surrounding the town are the setting of the falconers’ international gathering. Falconers from all over Europe take part in a hunting competition with their hawks.
Plus, the castle moat hosts archery competitions and a joust of knights.

The event also includes shows, conferences and tastings, surrounded by a magical medieval atmosphere.
The historical parade passing through the ancient streets of the town features actors dressed in medieval costumes as well as Emperor Fredrik II and his falconers, crusaders, minstrels and jesters.

(photos: event’s official Facebook page)