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Historical Re-enactment A.D. 1615 Palma to Arms – Palmanova

CANCELED IN 2021. 200 re-enactors tell the story of Palmanova fortress-city in 1600

Historical re-enactment A.D. 1615 Palma to Arms - Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy
September Friuli-Venezia Giulia -Palmanova (Udine)  Children | Folklore/Traditions | Historical reenactments


In September 2022, the city of Palmanova, in the province of Udine, is animated by the evocative historical re-enactment “A.D. 1615 Palma to Arms ”which recalls the history of the fortress-city of Palmanova in 1600.

More than 200 figures wearing seventeenth-century costume participate in the re-enactment every year and recreate the beginning of the War of Gradisca (1615-1617), also known as the Uskok War or the Friuli war against the Austrians, the last conflict between Austria and Venice. .

Entering through Porta Cividale, the current Via Vallaresso, visitors can immerse themselves in the history of the Palmanova Fortress at the time of the Republic of Venice and the Napoleonic domination. Through a guided tour of the camp, visitors can retrace the life of the garrisons and the besieging troops, see the trainings of artillerymen, musketeers and soldiers, sword fights, the militia camp and the common people square, learn about the traditions and crafts, the cuisine, tailoring, music and dances of the time.

During the 3 days of A.D. 1615 Palma at Arms, visitors can experience the camp and the city in an unusual and extravagant environtment.

Photos from the Facebook page of the event

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