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Perdòn de Barbana – Grado

On the first Sunday of July, a group of boats carries the statue of the Madonna degli Angeli to Barbana Island.

Perdon de Barbana
05 Jul 2020 Friuli-Venezia Giulia -Grado (GO)  Folklore | Religion

Since 1237, on the first Sunday of July (this year on July 5, 2020), the community of Grado goes in procession on boats, decorated with flags, to the Barbana Island, to renew the ancient vow to the Virgin Mary who saved the town from the terrible plague epidemic. Originally, at least one member for each family of the town had to attend the procession.

Perdòn starts in the early morning and it is preceded by the Sabo grando, a day of contemplation and reflection. After the ceremony in Basilica di Sant’Eufemia, the statue of the Virgin is carried to the harbour where it is put on the flagship.

The procession of boats leaves the lagoon and reaches the small island that hosts the Sanctuary of Barbana.

Perdòn de Barbana is the main religious tradition of Grado.

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