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Leolandia & MinItalia – Capriate San Gervasio

The most important amusement park in NorthWestern Italy, close to Milan and Bergamo

18 Mar 2017 - 19 Nov 2017 Lombardia -Capriate San Gervasio (BG)  Children | Experience

Leolandia, formerly known as “Minitalia Leolandia”, is the most important amusement park in the North West of Italy, just 35 km away from Milan and 15 km from Bergamo.

Minitalia is home to 160 exact replica of the most important Italian monuments, such as the Milan Cathedral, Piazza San Pietro in Rome, St Mark’s Basilica in Venice and Palace of Caserta.

In addition to Minitalia, Leolandia offers 39 attractions, divided into six thematic areas, placed in a 200.000 sq m oasis of green:
Expo 1906 is based on the amusement parks of the early 1900s, offering human cannonballs, flying cars and runaway rails.
Terre di Leonardo offers the opportunity to experience some of the best known Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, such as riding a flying bicycle, getting on an aerial screw or even navigating the rapids of a river during the opening of the sluice gates.
Riva dei Pirati gives the chance to see a naval boarding, rolling barrels, marine animals and, of course, pirates!
Cowboy Town brings you back to the Old West, in a spaghetti western style: trains, swollen rivers and even a flight on the wings of a vulture.
Peppa Pig’s World is an area where children can be part of the adventures of Peppa and her little brother George.
Animals gives the opportunity to meet many animals: the biggest collection of parrots in Italy, farm animals,  a reptile house with reptiles, spiders, amphibians and an aquarium with 880 species of fish.

Reduced ticket for children under 119 cm.

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