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Secular Fair – Alzate Brianza

5-8 September. The most important fair in Lombardy dedicated to zootechnics on Mary’s Nativity day

Secular fair Alzate Brianza Lombardy Italy
05 Sep 2020 - 08 Sep 2020 Lombardia -Alzate Brianza (CO)  Children | Fair

From September 5 to 8, 2020, in Alzate Brianza, in the province of Como, takes place the Secular Fair which is said to be in honor of Madonna of Rogoredo.
The event takes place in conjunction with the Nativity of Mary’s day (
September 8) and has become the most important event in Lombardy dedicated to zootechnics.

The earliest testimonies about Mary’s day celebration trace back to around the eighteenth century and only at the beginning of the nineteenth century it was organized the first Zootechnical fair with exhibition areas, food stands, shows, the amusement park, and charity fishing tournament.

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