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Carnival in Fano

February 2022, the biggest Carnival in the Marche region

Carnival in Fano
February Marche -Fano (PU)  Children | Festival

The Carnival in Fano is one of the oldest carnivals in Italy. The event is inspired by the big celebration of the reconciliation of two families in Fano: the “Dal Cassero” and the “Da Carignano”. From the Municipality’s archive it was possible to determine the initial celebrations, which date back in 1347 while the first committee who managed and organized the Carnival arose in 1872.

Carnival in FanoTraditionally, in the Carnival in Fano there are allegorical wagons, masks and customs and the event ends with fireworks.
This year the parades are taking place in February 2022.

And, like many carnivals, there are also characters or particular rituals that are only celebrated in Fano:

– the Getto which consists of throwing sweets from the allegorical wagons, from here the saying “Beautiful to watch and sweet to taste”;

– the Musica Arabita, a music band that plays with instruments and other objects;

– the Luminaria the lighting of the wagons in the late afternoon;

– the Pupo (or Vùlon in dialect) which opens the parade.

Carnival in Fano

The wagons’ path pass 3 times through viale Gramsci: in the first passage the allegorical wagons present themselves; the second time there’s the Getto when tons of sweets are threw from the wagons; the last turn is about the “luminaria” in the late afternoon where lighting tricks illuminate the wagons.

The carnival in Fano attracts around 100.000 visitors, and it’s the biggest carnival celebration in the Marche region. It’s part of the popular culture and heritage of the city of Fano.

Photos: from the event’s official website

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