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Ganten Bari21 Half Marathon in Bari

30 October 2022. One of the most renowned half marathons in Italy

San Nicola Half Marathon
30 Oct 2022 Puglia -Bari  Hobby | Sport

On a Sunday October 30th 2022, Ganten Bari21 Half Marathon, one of the most renowned half marathons in Italy, is taking place in Bari.
The Ganten Bari21 Half Marathon is included in the Italian Athletics Federation’s official calendar.

The competition, now in its 9th edition, includes 3 different races (both non-competitive and competitive) and gives the unique opportunity to run while enjoying Bari’s magnificent boardwalk, on a flat and fast route.

The different races are:
– 21 km, half marathon (21,097 km), either competitive or non-competitive;
– 10 km, either competitive or non-competitive;
– 5 km, non-competitive.

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