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Spartan Race in Taranto

In October 28th and 29th. The obstacle race for the Spartans of today

Spartan Race in Taranto Apulia Italy
28 Oct 2017 - 29 Oct 2017 Puglia -Taranto  Experience | Sport

The Spartan Race returns in Taranto, the town founded by Phalanthus of Tarentum, a Spartan mythical hero. It has been the third Italian destination in 2016.
This year it is held in October 28th and 29th 2017.

Spartan Races are open to everyone.
All you need is to be 16 years old at the race day for a Sprint, and 18 years old for a Super or Beast. The participants declare to be physically healthy and that no medical concerns exist which prevent them from participating in a long distance obstacle course.
For further information, go to SpartanRace website.

Athletes from the USA (Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota e Virginia) and from over 10 European countries (Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Sweden) have already registered to take part in the races.

Spartan Race, the number one obstacle race in the world, was founded in the USA in 2007. The first Italian competition was held in 2014.

The three categories are:
a) SPRINT: 5+ km with 15+ obstacles
b) SUPER: 13+ km with 21+ obstacles
c) BEAST: 21+ km with 26+ obstacles

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Photos from the official website of the event