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Feast of Saint Antioco – Sant’Antioco

May 2022. 662nd edition of one of the most ancient Sardinian religious traditions

May Sardinia -Sant'Antioco (SU)  Fairs/Food and Flea markets | Folklore/Traditions | Food/Wine

15 days after Easter, in May, 2022, on the island of Sant’Antioco in Sardinia, it is celebrated the 662nd edition of the Feast of Saint Antioco Martyr, one of the most ancient popular and religious festivity of the region celebrating the patron saint of the city and of Sardinia.

During the event, inhabitants take part in the traditional rites such as the procession and the blessing called “Is Coccois”, a typical white bread decorated with flowers and with bird-shapes to adorn the statue of the saint.  In program also stands of typical Sardinian food such as the Coccòi De Santu (breads of the saint), live performances, music, folklore and fireworks.