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Catania City Lava

All year long a historical-urban route that aims to show the effect of lava on the city and its surroundings.

Sicilia - Catania Lavica
All year long Sicily -Catania  Art/Culture | Experience | Museum and Visits

All activities are carried out in compliance with health and safety guidance.
Route available all year long, RESERVATION IS REQUIRED by filling in the form>>>
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It is MANDATORY to wear SAFETY MASK and keep INTERPERSONAL DISTANCE of at least 1 meter.

Catania City Lava : large lava flows between urban genesis, history and news – historic and naturalistic itinerary

From “Castrum” to Urbe and then City: the story of Katana (Catania) that over hundreds of centuries had been nourished, formed, modified, adapted and modeled by lava.

A historical-urban route that aims to show the effect of lava on the city and its surroundings and particularly on its architecture, its urban development and the history of its inhabitants. Chronicle, history, faith and myth.

This route, crosses historical and geological interest, should be eaten in the ravines of the lava flows on which Catania was shaped and regenerated over the centuries.

Includes visiting caves under houses, visiting churches and palaces, cathedrals and castles and river banks shaped by lava flows that over the centuries have modified even the coastal profile.

DIFFICULTY: easy – urban trekking – (helmet included)
CLOTHING: comfortable. Backpack, tennis shoes or soft trekking, flashlight, water bottle, cap…

For information and reservations: 345 7306841
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