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Grapes Feast- Impruneta

October 1st, 2023. A big competition among the 4 districts of the town

Grapes Feast - Impruneta Tuscany
01 Oct 2023 Tuscany -Impruneta  Festival-Fairs | Folklore-Traditions | Food-Wine

On Sunday, October 1st, 2023 in Impruneta, in the province of Florence, it is taking place the 97th edition of the districts show during the Grapes Feast.

The top of the day of the Grapes Feast is represented by the parade of allegorical floats where the 4 city districts (Sante Marie, Sant’Antonio, Fornaci, and Pallò) challenge each other to create the most beautiful wagon on the theme of grapes. The winner’s flag will be exposed on the balcony of the town hall.

The Grapes Feast was held for the first time in 1926, and it still represents a very important celebration and competition. that preserved its ancient spirit of tradition and city rivalry.

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