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Lucca Comics & Games

October-November. The most famous event for comic and game lovers.

Lucca Comics - Tuscany - Italy
October - November Tuscany -Lucca (LU)  Fairs/Food and Flea markets | Festival | Hobby/Curiosities

Lucca Comics & Games 2020 is the 54th edition of the international fair dedicated to comics, animation, games (role-playing, board, card), video games, fantasy and science fiction. It is the first and the biggest European and second worldwide fair after the Comiket in Tokyo. It takes place in Lucca, in Tuscany, between late October and early November in a 30,000sqm area, of which about 15,000 are exhibition areas.

All the most important operators in the field and an ever-increasing number of specialized shops, comic shops and recreational-cultural associations participate. During the days of the fair-exhibit various events are held including, concerts, shows, meetings with the authors, presentations, live role-playing and cosplayer tournaments dedicated to the comics and animation sector in general.

Both within Lucca Comics and Lucca Games there are also exhibits and exhibition itineraries dedicated to the main world artists or work titles present at the festival. Some of these exhibits are set up in the evocative Renaissance setting of the city, inside the same ancient buildings of Lucca.
Every year Lucca Games also organizes a series of events related to the game world such as tournaments, prizes, competitions and seminars. The Best of Show award is the award for the leading products of the gaming industry, assigned by a jury to the best game among those presented by the publishing houses in the various categories.
In addition, at Lucca Comics there are also two awards: the Gran Guinigi, awarded to various exponents of the comics industry and the Lucca Project Contest intended for aspiring Italian comics authors.

The numbers are impressive: the 1993 edition had just had nearly 30,000 visitors, and it was a real record at the time!
In 2016, 270,000 tickets were sold and since then a maximum of 80,000 salable day tickets has been established.

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