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Micci Palio – Querceta di Seravezza

8 May 2022. Donkey race among the 8 districts and costume parade.

Micci Palio - Tuscany - Italy
08 May 2022 Tuscany -Querceta di Seravezza (Lucca)  Children | Folklore-Traditions

On Sunday May 8th 2022, the city of Querceta di Seravezza, in the province of Lucca, dresses up for the Micci Palio, a donkey race that in 2022 reaches its 65th edition.

The palio takes place among the 8 districts of the city (Lucertola, Ponte, Quercia, Pozzo, Leon d’Oro, Ranocchio, Madonnina, Cervia) on the back of the ‘micci’, or donkeys, to conquer the coveted banner. The choice to use these stubborn and unpredictable animals proves that the spirit of the Versilia people has always been goliardic and “anarchic”.

Before the real race, over 2,000 dwellers take to the squares to take part in the parade wearing historical costumes. Songs and music accompany the colorful event with figures, musicians and flag-wavers parading until the field where the race takes place.

After this colorful and festive “introduction”, the donkey race, which every year attracts Italian and foreign visitors, can start.

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