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Giostra della Rocca – Monselice

First half of September. Magnificent Medieval reenactment in Veneto.

Giostra della Rocca
September Veneto -Monselice (PD)  Festival | Folklore | Food/Wine | Historical reenactments


The Giostra della Rocca, which takes place in Monselice all weekends in the first half of September, is an historical reenactment that includes many Medieval-themed events, such as a live chess games, tambourine challenges, medieval markets, archery competitions, relays, races, tastings, shows.

The event sees the participation of Monselice’s 9 districts, that compete against each other.
Competitive chess games, medieval workshops at the flea market, archery challenges, relays and races, shere each district is displaying 13th-century characters, crafts and war engines.

Plus: tambourine competitions, horse races, historical parade with over 2,000 people in medieval attire, Quintana joust, fireworks.

Free entry.

(photos: event’s Facebook page)