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fun with kids

What to do with kids? Fun activities to do together


This article is dedicated to parents and grandparents who want to try new activities and have fun together with their kids from May to September 2022.
Here you will find a selection of beautiful experiences that today’s kids will always remember for a lifetime: places to visit, curious museums, events to take part in…
The list is constantly updated

1 – LET’S DISCOVER TOGETHER… see or experience in nature

Northern Italy
Val d’Aosta, the Fenis Castle>>>
Piedmont, the Chimney Sweep Museum>>>
Piedmont, the Museum of Magic (closed in August)>>>
Piedmont, the Walser House Museum>>>
Piedmont, the Umbrella and Parasol Museum>>>
Lombardy, the Museum of Illusions>>>
Lombardy, the Prehistoric Park>>>
Lombardy, the Nativity Scene Museum>>>
Lombardy, the Petrol Pumps ad Service Stations Museum>>>
Liguria, Lanterna – The Lighthouse of Genoa>>>
Veneto, the Regional Natural Park of Sile>>>
Veneto, Cervara Oasis>>>
Veneto, Castelbrando Museum>>>
Trentino Alto Adige, the Scarecrow House>>>
Trentino Alto Adige, the Gardens and Trauttmansdorff Castle>>>
Trentino Alto Adige, the Guard Stone Museum>>>
Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Birds of Prey Recovery Center>>>
Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Butterfly House>>>
Emilia Romagna, the Work Boats Marineria Museum>>>
Emilia Romagna, the MUSA Salt Museum>>>
Emilia Romagna, the Button Museum>>>
Emilia Romagna, the Ice Cream Museum>>>
Emilia Romagna, the Puppets House>>>

Central Italy
Tuscany, Pinocchio’s Park>>>
Tuscany, the Bonifica Path>>>
Tuscany, the Porsenna Labyrinth>>>
Lazio,  the Butterfly House>>>
Lazio, Circo Maximo Experience>>>
Umbria, the Marmore Falls>>>
Umbria, the Malacologic Museum Malakos>>>
Umbria, the Museum of Painted Eggs (Ovo Pinto)>>>
Umbria, Nera Cycle Path>>>
Marche, the Frasassi Caves>>>

Southern Italy
Abruzzo, the Pelino Confetti Museum>>>
Abruzzo, the Stars Tower>>>
Molise, Guardaregia-Campochiaro WWF Nature Reserve>>>
Molise, the Mysteries’ Museum>>>
Basilicata, San Fele Waterfalls>>>
Campania, the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa>>>
Campania, Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto)>>>
Campania, the Archaeological Park of Hercolanum>>>
Campania, the Royal Palace of Caserta>>>
Puglia, Castellana Caves>>>
Calabria, the Millennial Plane Tree of Curinga>>>
Calabria, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Park>>>
Sicily, the Chocolate Museum>>>
Sicily, the Museum of Optical Illusions MOOI>>>
Sardinia, the House of Bats>>>
Sardinia, Is Gruttas Hypogem Village>>>


Lombardy, Children Medieval Games>>>
Sicily, the Infiorata in Noto>>>
Emilia Romagna, PLAY – the Games Festival>>>
Tuscany, Micci Palio>>>
Umbria, Perugia Flower Show>>>
Abruzzo, the Feast of Narcissus>>>

Emilia Romagna, Artists in the Square>>>
Veneto, Rovigoracconta Festival>>>
Piedmont, the Wine Barrel Race>>>
Umbria, Giostra della Quintana – The Challenge>>>
Liguria, Andersen Festival>>>
Umbria, Porchettiamo>>>
Liguria, Suq Festival>>>
Lombardy, Lo Spirito del Pianeta Festival>>>

Vald’Aosta, Celtica Festival>>>
Campania, Giffoni Film Festival>>>
Marche, the International Children’s Theatre Festival>>>

Lombardy, Fiera delle Grazie>>>
Emilia Romagna, Ferrara International Buskers Festival>>>

Piedmont, the Chimney Sweeps International Meeting>>>
Umbria, Giostra della Quintana – The Rematch>>>
Lombardy, Hobby Model Expo>>>
Trentino, Pumpkin Days>>>
Campania, the Balloon Festival>>>

… what else? … further occasions to have fun with kids>>>