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An Italy Supporter is a person who loves our beautiful country and is eager to share this passion with other people. Even if you are not Italian you can become a great Italy Supporter.
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Sardegna_costume_DesuloOur watchword is “awake curiosity”
Italy by Events aims to awake people’s curiosity. Travel, explore, see, discover.
Italy Supporters are people who know interesting facts and peculiar things and are keen to share their experience and their knowledge.

Food, fun facts, places, traditions, sayings, etc…
Would you like to tell something special that happened to you?
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Italy by Events is a website based on crowdsourcing
shareItaly by Events is one of the first tourism website based on crowdsourcing. If you want to share what you know about Italy, recipes, sayings, traditions, legends, places, or if you have a special event to share with us…
Collaborate with Italy by Events. We will be very proud to have a foreign Italy Supporter!
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You too will be part of Italy by Events.
We will be among the first in Italy to apply crowdsourcing to tourism.


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