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What is Italy by Events?
Italy by Events is a website presenting Italian events together with  their territories and the traditional food of the area. Italy By Events has been created to encourage people to travel in Italy and to promote lesser-known aspects of the Italian cultural heritage. Italy by Events offers an unusual, tasty and joyful tourism.

Is Italy by Events a travel guide?
No, it isn’t. Italy by Events is like an “appetizer” to make you want to  visit a place, see new things and try Italian traditional food. An enjoyable read before your leaving, a helpful tool during your stay and a travel diary when you get back.

What kind of information can I find on Italy by Events?
Basic information about Italian regions, historical and cultural areas and the most important cities in Italy. Constantly updated reports about popular events, concerts, festivals, museums and exhibitions, as well as information about the wide range of gastronomic specialties of the Italian cuisine. Curious, exciting and practical information.

If I want to take part in an event, book a hotel room or rent a car, should I do it through this website?
Absolutely not. We just provide information, addresses, telephone numbers or useful tips. Feel free to plan your trip as you wish.

I read that this website is based on “crowdsourcing” . What does it mean?
Crowdsourcing means that our readers can be part of the creation process of this website, sending original contents and insightful commentaries. Wikipedia is the epitome of crowdsourcing sites.
You too can become a content contributor for this website. How? Sending information “in pills” and your best photos.

What does “in pills” mean?
Every interesting, useful or curious information can be sent on Italy by Events. A “pill” is a brief information containing a single piece of information and it is written in a concise and entertaining way. It cannot be longer than 200-250 characters, spaces included (about 2 lines of text).
The most interesting pieces of information will be published by our staff.
If you wish, you can be credeted as Italy Supporters.
Use this form to send your information “in pills” >>> and follow the instructions.

How can I report an event?
Use this form >>>

How can I give you my feedback?
Your opinion is very important to us. Contact us and send us your opinion >>>

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