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Alba White Truffle

The Truffles in Piedmont

The truffle grows spontaneously in all Italian regions and is celebrated in several gastronomic traditions, but only some regions have developed a system of fairs and festivals to celebrate it.
Piedmont is the Italian region where the truffle culture is traditionally more developed. There are many different events such as festivals, fairs and feasts in which truffles are sold, tasted and discussed in workshops.
Piedmont is the only region where truffle hunting at night is allowed, because the dog is less disturbed and, by ancient tradition, because the darkness protects the “trifolau” from curious eyes.


If anyone wants to experience the wild truffle hunt, here is a short map of the areas where they grow. Good luck!

Among the 9 truffle species considered to be more interesting as food, the white one (Tuber magnatum Pico) is the most refined and it is considered everywhere the king of the table. In Piedmont all the other 8 species are also diffused.
The white truffle is found mostly in the valley floor woods, in the woods along the waterways, in symbiosis with poplars, willows, hazelnuts, or oaks near crops or on the edge of pastures.
The time for harvesting the white truffle is in autumn, starting from October, when it reaches full ripeness.

Alba (in the province of Cuneo) is home to the oldest and most important truffle fair in Italy and one of the first in the world: the International Alba White Truffle Fair which is held from October to December and represents a very important event for the city with a huge turnover.
It also combines high-level food and wine with important cultural and musical events. During all the weekends of the Fair, national and international chefs and local chefs alternate with presentations of recipes and cooking shows.

Would you like to smell the flavor of truffles in a fair?
There are many from October to early December.
Follow the link to see a calendar of truffle fairs and festivals in Piedmont>>>

cover photo from the website of Alba White Truffle Fair