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A Mosaic for Tornareccio

An extraordinary open-air museum of mosaics that can be visited all year long

Museum A Mosaic for Tornareccio - Abruzzo - Italy
All year long Abruzzo -Tornareccio (Chieti)  Exhibits-Museums-Visits

Tornareccio, in the province of Chieti, hosts the project “A mosaic for Tornareccio” (Mosaico per Tornareccio) that is an extraordinary open-air museum of mosaics inside the town.

96 mosaics are installed on the walls of the houses, arranged according to the strategy of museum-themed “rooms”.
The mosaics can be admired during a pleasant walk through alleys, squares, streets and glimpses of this town that is called also the “capital of honey”, due to its main production.

A Mosaic for Tornareccio comes out from Alfredo Paglione, a gallery owner born in Tornareccio, and up to now his project has gathered 242 artists and 12 curators.

Every year the “Mosaic for Tornareccio” is getting bigger thanks to a collective exhibition lasting all summer, which also awards the “best” mosaics voted by two juries: a popular jury and an expert jury.

Among the great contemporary artists who “exhibit” in the widespread museum are: Giosetta Fioroni, Omar Galliani, Gino Marotta, Gino Severini, Aligi Sassu, Ennio Calabria, Bruno Ceccobelli, Carlo Mattioli, Piero Guccione, Giuseppe Modica, Alberto Sughi, Ruggero Savinio , Riccardo Licata.

Photos from the official website and the Facebook page of the museum

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