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Virtues feast – Teramo

May 1st. the celebration of an old recipe made of vegetables and legumes

1st May Virtues - Teramo
01 May 2024 Abruzzo -Teramo  Categorie evento Folklore-Traditions | Food-Wine

On May 1st, every year Teramo celebrates the Spring: a full day dedicated to eat “Virtù” (Virtues), a very old recipe dated back – people say – to the time of ancient Roman Empire.

Local families meet together, as it happens at Christmas –  for cooking “Virtù”. and sometimes they open their doors to show their own “Virtù” so that tourists may ask and taste this homemade delicacy.

“Virtù” means “Virtues” and the recipe is made of vegetables and legumes, a dish traditionaly poor that nowadays has become the topic of this celebration. Of course, every single family has its own secret adding something different.

One of the topics of this celebration in Abruzzo is that it is organized by an association of native families.
If you take a walk in Teramo, you can also try different “Virtù” in the restaurants so that you may choose your favorite one!

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