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Procession of Saint Rocco in August – Tolve

On 16 August takes place the Procession of Saint Rocco, patron saint of Tolve

Procession of Saint Rocco - Tolve Basilicata
16 Aug 2022 Basilicata -Tolve (Potenza)  Folklore-Traditions

Tolve is a picturesque hill town, it is 30 kilometres far from Potenza. Here takes place, on August 16th, Procession of Saint Rocco, the town’s patron saint.

Holy masses take place during the morning. The procession begins at noon along the streets of the town and lasts about three hours. It is opened by the Master of ceremonies followed by standards, processional crosses and the clergy.  The statue of Saint Rocco is carried over the shoulders of the Brothers of Purgatory, wearing a white tunic and a red cape.
Saint Rocco is covered by a mantle of gold realized with the votive offerings. The procession continues through a crowd of barefoot pilgrims who follow the statue and sing the traditional song “The storij r ‘Sand’Rocc'”.

The celebration takes place twice a year: on August 16th and on September 16th so that peasants working in the fields during the month of August can also participate without neglecting their work.

Municipality of Tolve
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