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San Fele Waterfalls

A hidden gem in a wild and pristine place

San Fele Waterfalls
All year long Basilicata -San Fele (Potenza)  Museum and Visits | Nature

An easy path through the woods leads to the beautiful San Fele Waterfalls of Bradano torrent.
The waterfalls are located in the Lucan Apennines, a hidden gem in a wild and pristine place.
Thanks to the work of the volunteers of the “U Uattënnierë” association, founded to support San Fele Waterfalls, it is now possible to admire these spectacular natural sights.
The association has also fixed the old mule tracks, created new paths in the woods, built wooden bridges and fences.

We recommend you to wear hiking boots or sneakers, raincoat, a cap and to bring some water.

“U Uattënnierë”
Via Umberto I, 85020, San Fele (Potenza)
Ph. 347 5187398
E-mail cascate.sanfele[at]

What does Uattënnierë mean?
The term “Uattënnierë” means “fulling mill”, a pre-industrial machinery used for wool manufacturing. The word was used both for the machinery and the building.
In the past there were several fulling mills that used the water of the torrent where the children used to swim and play. For this reason, this place is now called Uattënnierë by the people of the San Fele.

(Photos: San Fele Waterfalls Facebook page)