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The Stations of the Cross in Barile

March 29th, 2024. On Good Friday, a traditional Easter ritual in the province of Potenza.

The Stations of the Cross in Barile Italy
29 Mar 2024 Basilicata -Barile (Potenza)  Easter-Religious celebrations | Folklore-Traditions

On March 29th, 2024 – Good Friday – the municipality of Barile, in the Province of Potenza with Greek and Albanian origins, celebrates the Stations of the Cross.

The Stations of the Cross in Barile, connected to the Passion of Jesus, seem to date back to the mid-1600s and now they are organized by the Committee  “Sacra Rappresentazione Via Crucis”.

40 volunteers of the Committee are also performers in the procession, which parades through the village streets in traditional costumes.

3 centurions on horseback, one of which holds a horn used to beckon people, and 3 girls in white robes representing the 3 Marys (Mary of Magdala, Mary of Cleofe, Mary of Salomè), open the procession.

A particular character of the Stations of the Cross is the “Gipsy”, the most beautiful girl in the village, who wears a shiny dress decorated with jewels. It is believed that this character refers to the Albanian origins of the town, and according to tradition, the Gipsy was the one who procured the crucifixion nails.
At the tail of the procession, statues of the Dead Christ and of the Lady of Sorrows are preceded by the priest.

For information call the municipality at +39 0972 648 219

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