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Our Lady of Graces Feast – Roccella Jonica

On the first Sunday in July. Religious procession and fireworks show along the sea.

Our Lady of Graces Feast - Roccella Jonica Calabria Italy
03 Jul 2022 Calabria -Roccella Jonica (Reggio Calabria)  Christmas-Easter-Religious celebrations | Folklore-Traditions-Carnivals


Our Lady of Graces Feast is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in July (this year on July 3rd, 2022) in Roccella Jonica.

The statue of the Virgin Mary is carried by the sailors of Roccella through the village streets and finally, at the sea, where it is followed with devotion by many boats. Indeed, this is one of the many processions by the sea in Calabria.
A very long wake of boats follows the flagship boat of Virgin Mary for more than an hour and a half along the coast. After the disembarkation, the parade walks through the village and returns at the church by night. The statue is brought by the sailor association; the bearers wear a blue shirt with the effigy of Virgin Mary and walk barefoot.

The procession ends with a fireworks show at the Ionian Sea and with a civil celebration at the boardwalk in Roccella Jonica, that is protracted until late night with many important music events.

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