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Bundan Celtic Festival – Stellata di Bondeno

20-23 July 2023. Experiences of the Celtic experiences along the right bank of the Po.

Bundan Celtic Festival - Emilia Romagna - Italy
20 Jul 2023 - 23 Jul 2023 Emilia-Romagna -Stellata di Bondeno (Ferrara)  Festival-Fairs | Folklore-Traditions | Hobby

From July 2oth to 23rd, 2023, a captivating and unusual atmosphere of the reconstruction of the Celtic population is created in Stellata di Bondeno, along the right bank of Po river, at the Bundan Celtic Festival.

The Bundan Celtic Festival, this year at its 17th edition, offers different Celtic experiences every day, such as battle axes throwing, archery, warrior duels, daily life reconstruction, demonstrations of historical craftsmanship and old trades

The program also includes a guided tour along the encampments and participation in the experiment of weaving, ceramic and metallurgy arts in the Celtic world.
Itinerant storytellers, mysterious wanderers keepers of sagas and legends tell live Celtic ballads and myths for adults and exciting fairy tales for the little ones.

At the food stands, Celtic breakfast, lunch and dinner.
High-quality ciders at the Druid Sider Production, products in small druid, English, Scottish and Irish farms. Hydromel an old Druid recipe produced according to tradition and honey from biologic beekeeping.

Bundan Celtic Festival
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Free entrance and free offer
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