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November Porc – in the province of Parma

November 2021. Pork dishes, music, live performances

November Porc - Zibello & Roccabianca - Emilia Romagna
November Emilia-Romagna -in the province of Parma  Fairs/Food and Flea markets | Food/Wine

In November 2021 , the 19th edition of November Porc hits Polesine, Zibello and Roccabianca.
November Porc was first organized in 2002. Thanks to its four stops – “The flavours of Pork” in Sissa, “We’ll cook you Preti and Vescovi” in Polesine, “Pleasure and Delicacies at the Court of King Culatello” in Zibello, “Harmony of Spices and Infusions” in Roccabianca – November Porc now manages to attract more than 90000 visitors every year.

The markets offer traditional products such as Culatello PDO, pork shoulder, Parmigiano Reggiano, Fortana del Taro wine and other Italian delicacies.  The event is enlivened by the colourful craft and hobby market, DJ sets, live performances by street artists, and entertainment for children.

For the entire duration of the event, the “McPorctakeaway sells hamburgers and hot dogs, rigorously made with local meat, as well as beer.

Moreover, for the entire month, thanks to “Eat with November Porc”, selected restaurants in Emilia Romagna offer themed menus entirely made with pork.

(photos: event’s official website)

Not only delicious pork products and dishes.
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