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The Resiano Carnival – San Giorgio di Resia

January 27-February 14, 2024. Feast, parade and funeral of Babaz, the symbol of Carnival.

The Resiano Carnival in the province of Udine.Until Ash Wednesday
27 Jan 2024 - 14 Feb 2024 Friuli-Venezia Giulia -San Giorgio di Resia (Udine)  Carnival | Children | Folklore-Traditions

From January 27th to February 14th, 2024,  the Resiano Carnival is a feast, and procession ending with the funeral of the Babaz, the symbol of Carnival.

The Resiano Carnival is celebrated in San Giorgio di Resia, a small village in the province of Udine and it is one of the most famous events in Val Resia. The local people wear 2 different traditional masks: the “Lipe bile Maškire“, the beautiful and precious masks, or the “Babaci o Kukaci” the ugly ones, with old and worn-out clothes.

One peculiarity of this Carnival is the fact that it ends one day after the other carnivals, that is the day of “Ash Wednesday“, when in the afternoon there are the procession and the funeral of the “Babaz”, a puppet that represents the excesses of the carnival’s celebration.

The procession ends at the square where the Babaz is burned and its death symbolizes the beginning of abstinence and the fast period of the Lent.

For information: Municipality San Giorgio di Resia at +39 0433.53001 – 0433.53002
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