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Spring Birds Fair – Sacile

April 2022. Market-fair of flowers, plants, birds in the province of Pordenone.

Birds Fair - Friuli - Italy
April Friuli-Venezia Giulia -Sacile (PN)  Children | Fairs/Food and Flea markets | Hobby/Curiosities

The 74th edition of the Spring Birds Fair takes place in Sacile, in the Province of Pordenone, on a Sunday of April 2022. It’s a market-fair of flowers, plants and birds, organized by local entrepreneurs, farmers, florists.

In the main square of Sacile, Piazza del Popolo, the Exhibition of Ornamental and Garden Flowers and Plants turns it into a garden with flowers in pots, shrubs and ornamental plants, vegetables and fruit plants.

The Spring Bird Fair is considered a preview of the Osei Festivalcelebrated the first Sunday after August 15th, and represents one of the eldest festivals in Italy.

(photos: event’s website)

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