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Backstage in Cinecittà – Rome

In Cinecittà to discover the secrets of direction, sounds, costumes, screenplay, all you don’t see behind the scenes of a movie.

Backstage a Cinecittà - Roma
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Backstage in Cinecittà

is an educational and interactive route to discover what’s behind the scenes of the film-making world.

This route is composed of five halls dedicated to cinema’s main elements:
– direction
– screenplay
– sound
– costumes
– fiction

U-571At the end of this route it is possible to view a suggestive set: the submarine of “U-571”, a film directed by Jonathan Mostow.

Two further exibitions on stage now are Why Cinecittà and Shooting in Cinecittà.
Moreover it is posssible to see large outdoor sets as Ancient Rome, Florence in 1400, The Temple of Jerusalem.


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