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Historical carousel – Madonna of the Rescue

26 June 2022, the Palio della Madonna del Soccorso, the second event of Carosello Storico in Cori.

Historical carousel - Madonna of the Rescue - Lazio Italy
26 Jun 2022 Lazio -Cori (Latina)  Folklore-Traditions | Historical reenactments

On Sunday June 26th 2022 takes place the Palio della Madonna del Soccorso (Madonna of the Rescue), the second event of Carosello Storico in Cori, a small town in the province of Latina. The historical carousel consists in three different events:
Priors’ oath and blessing of the Palii: Saturday June 18th 2022
– Madonna of the rescue Palio: Sunday June 26th 2022
Palio di Sant’Oliva: Saturday July 30th 2022

The historical carousel, established in 1937, is a historical reenactment of the 16th century celebrations held in honor of Madonna del Soccorso, appeared in Cori in 1521.
In that occasion, like in many other religious feasts, some competitions were organized to test and to show the skills and the bravery of the Gate defence officers (usually to every “gate” corresponds a district of the city or village). In Cori the Bravium palio was organized.

The modern Palio della Madonna del Soccorso consist in the so-called ring race, a spectacular competition involving knights and horses. While riding, the Knights’ goal is to put several small rings of 3 cm of diameter with a dagger. The Palio is won by the district that inserted most of the rings.

The Palio is preceded by the historical parade, that walks through the streets of Cori. It features about 400 figures wearing Renaissance costumes of the 16th century, divided into 4 groups representing the communities of Cori and its three gates (districts): Ninfina, Romana e Signina.

Propitiatory dinners in the taverns of Cori the night before the Palio.

Photos by Vincenzo Pacifici

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