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Fish Festival – Camogli

7-8 May 2022, tons of fresh fish fried and distributed for free.

Fish Festival - Camogli Liguria - Italy
07 May 2022 - 08 May 2022 Liguria -Camogli (Genoa)  Feasts-Flea markets | Folklore-Traditions | Food-Wine

The Fish Festival in Camogli is famous for its huge pan which weighs 28 tons, has a diameter of 4 mt and a handle of 6 mt. During the day, the pan-fries over 30.000 dishes, using 3 tons of fresh fish and 3.000 liters of oil.

The Festival is dedicated to St Fortunato, patron saint of fishermen, and it is usually held every year on the second Sunday of May (in 2022 on May 7th and 8th) in Piazza Colombo, a little square near the marina.

In the evening, on the eve of the Festival, there are bonfires on the beach and real wooden sculptures are burnt. The sculptures are built each year differently by the inhabitants of Porto and Pinetto, two districts of Camogli.
A copy of Camogli huge pan is also used in Yokohama.

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(photos: Camogli’s tourist office website)

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