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Children Medieval Games in Vigevano

May 2022. Medieval commemoration with fun games for children.

Children Medieval Games in Vigevano - Italy
May Lombardia -Vigevano (PV)  Children | Folklore/Traditions | Historical reenactments

Palio dei fanciulli - Vigevano - Italy

The Children Medieval Games, mainly known as Children’s Palio in Vigevano is an event dedicated to children and young people that recalls the Middle Age, this year, reaching its 20th edition, taking place in May 2022.
The Children’s Palio was first organized in 2001 and it is inspired by October’s Palio in Vigevano.

Two days of celebration for children with laboratories, food tastings, shows, dances, flags, music and bonfire.
Sunday afternoon at the historical centre of the town there is the districts’ historical parade with figures of the Sforza Court and the ancient families of the town. Then the castle oath takes place, followed by the Medieval games, reviewed and corrected for the young age of the participants. The celebration ends with the winner proclamation of the Palio.
The Medieval games organized are apple tree, hand-carts race, race with the circle ring and the tower construction.

The Palio is a great opportunity to visit the Sforzesco Castle, which is usually closed for the public. It is the main venue of the event activities.

(photos: event’s official website)

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