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Museum of Navigation Instruments – Bellagio

From May to Mid October the small museum for sea adventure’s lovers

Museum of Navigation Instruments - Bellagio Lake Como Italy
May - October Lombardia -San Giovanni di Bellagio (Como)  Exhibits-Museums-Visits | Hobby

Museo degli strumenti per la navigazione - Bellagio, Lago di Como - LombardiaIn San Giovanni, a tiny town near Bellagio, on Lake Como, the Museum of Navigation Instruments displays more than 200 objects, all of them feautring a “salted” history of some centuries ago.
On display some precision instruments that allowed seamen to orient themselves at the sea and to navigate towards new worlds.
All instruments have been collected in 45 years of a passionate research by Gianni Gini, museum’s owner.

Since 2001 the Museum of Navigation Instruments is located in an old renovated tower that faces the lake (strange destiny from salted to sweet water!) and all object are displayed according to their own function:
– on the first floor the instruments for the latitude determination,
– on the second floor those for the longitude ones,
– on the third floor small instruments for chartwork and logbooks.

The instruments for civil navigation (not military) are all represented and still perfectly working. Some of the interesting objects: armillary sphere (a model of the ligh blue sphere invented by Eratosthenes in 255.a.C.), a theodolite (an optical instrument with a telescope shape to measure the azimuth and zenit angles), different astrolabes (portable instrument to measure the height of the sun or of any star at the horizon), sextants, octants, planetaries and much more.

The Museum of Navigation Instruments is open every day  from May 1st to Mid October
Morning: from 10 am to 1 pm
In the afternoon reservation is required.
Entrance fee to be paid
CHECK THE WEBSITE>>> for updates or changes
The visits are always guided.
Complete catalogue for sale.
It is recommended to wear a safety mask and to keep an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter.

To reserve a visit call +39 031 950309 or visit the website and send a mail >>>

Photos from the Museum of Navigation Instruments

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