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BrodettoFest – Fano

11-13 September 2020. Three days of delicious fish recipes.

Brodetto & Fish Soup Festival - Fano, Marche Italy
11 Sep 2020 - 13 Sep 2020 Marche -Fano (PU)  Festival | Food/Wine

From September 11th to 13th, 2020, Fano Lido holds the 28th edition of BrodettoFest, Brodetto & Fish Soup Festival, the most anticipated event of the year for seafood lovers. It is the event dedicated to the fish soup prepared in many variations, in fact in the Marche region it’s called Brodetto.

Great chefs exhibitions and cooking contests to declare the best fish recipe, evaluated by a technical and popular judge. Moreover, wine and fish tasting, concerts and many other activities to celebrate the Brodetto, the traditional fish soup from Marche made with many types of fish, such as cuttlefish, gray mullet, reef mullet, mackerel, bogue, striped mullet, crabs, clams and sole.

There is also an area for the children Brodetto & kids, with entertainment, games, didactic activities and detailed workshops about the fish in the Adriatic Sea and the snack time served with fish to approach the children to eat fish, especially the local ones.

Beyond the fish tasting at Palabrodetto, several restaurants take part to the “Fuoiribrodetto” promotion: the delicious traditional fish soup will be served at a special price until the end of the month.

The Brodetto is just one of the specialties in Marche.
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 (photos: event’s official website)

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