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Feast of Covo – Osimo

4-7 August 2022. Cart made of grain and religious procession.

feast of covo
04 Aug 2022 - 07 Aug 2022 Marche -Osimo (Ancona)  Easter | Religious celebrations | Folklore-Traditions

From August 4th to 7th 2022 takes place the Feast of Covo, or Feast of Còu  (cart in the dialect of Osimo), a religious event celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August in the district of Campocavallo in Osimo, in the province of Ancona.

The protagonist is a cart realized by the local farmers with ears of grain. Every year it’s made in a different way but the theme is always religious: it can represent a church, a sanctuary or places of worship.

The first edition of the feast of Covo dates back to 1939 when a farmer, Clemente Ciavattini. with his sons and other local farmers realized the first cart that represented the coronation Crown, located in Campocavallo Sanctuary.
After the construction of the wooden skeleton, the ears of the grain were weaved together.
On August 5 1939 the feast was officialized thanks to the support of the bishop and Father Carlo Grillantini. Once it was completed, the Crown was brought as a thanksgiving offering for the harvest prosperity.

The Procession of Covo in the village’s streets gathers a lot of people that in the first Sunday of August of every year participate in this big celebration and for discovering the theme of the year.

Feast of Covo
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