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The Devil Carnival in Tufara

1 March 2022. The Devil and a Carnival puppet are the main characters

The Devil Carnival in Tufara
01 Mar 2022 Molise -Tufara (Campobasso)  Carnival | Children | Folklore-Traditions

The Devil Carnival in Tufara is a traditional feast of Mardi Gras (Tuesday, March 1st 2022) also known as “The Devil of Tufara” because its main character is the Devil. It occurs in the small village of Tufara (province of Campobasso), known since ancient times for the tuff trade.
The traditional masks consist of 6 characters, among which there is the Devil enchained by 3 black elves (or Monks). The Devil wears 7 goat leathers and a shiny leather mask in red and black, with a very long tongue that hangs loose. On his hand he has a three-pronged pitchfork and his horns, tied with 3 red stripes, are made of hard ears of goat.
Another important character of Devil Carnival is the Doppia Morte (Double Death), wearing white clothes and a sickle, and speaking with a dark and deep voice.
The group of masks wander in the village searching for proselytes that the Devil and the Death try to seduce by jumping and encouraging the participants to go with them.
The “Elves” (or monks) guard the actions of the Devil and they hold him pulling the chains tied to him.
Among the characters of the Devil Carnival of Tufara there is also the Pisciatur, that symbolizes the excess of Carnival.
The parade ends by entering in the Castle Longobardo where a puppet, representing the Carnival full of faults, has been prepared.

Once the Devil arrived he asks the soul of the Carnival. A jury, composed by a President and 2 judges, judges the Carnival while two figures walk through the audience asking mercy with jokes and laughter: they are the Mother and Father of the Carnival.
But everything is useless. A plate of spaghetti is brought to the jury as a last supper for the convicted Carnival. But these spaghetti are eaten by the jury as a mockery gesture.

Two bangs remark the death warrant of Carnival. After the sentence the puppet is threw from the walls.

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Photos: from the official facebook Associazione Culturale Antica Maschera “IL DIAVOLO”

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