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‘Ndocciata Christmas fire show

On December 8th and on Christmas Eve, one of the greatest European fire shows in Molise

'Ndocciata - Molise - Italy
24 Dec 2021 Molise -Agnone  Folklore/Traditions | Historical reenactments

‘Ndocciata is one of the greatest fire shows in Europe and it is celebrated in Agnone, in the Province of Isernia.

On December 8th and on Christmas Eve, December 24th, a great number of big torches with a typical fanwise shape, called “‘ndocce”, are carried in procession through the streets of the town.

The carriers wear the traditional shepherd cape and represent the five districts of Agnone.
They try to stand up to the heat and, at the same time, bear the weight of the torches while dancing and spinning in circles.
Women and children open the parade holding the banners of the groups and reenacting scenes of rural life.

Agnone is also home to the oldest bells factory in the world, established around the year 1000.

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