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Ongoing Events

Carnevale storico di Ivrea

Historical Carnival and the Battle of Oranges – Ivrea

February Ivrea (TO) Piemonte Piemonte -Ivrea (TO)  Children | Festival | Folklore/Traditions | Historical reenactments

February 2022 historical re-enactments and the famous Battle of Oranges

Boys Carnival - Foligno, Umbria

Carnevale dei Ragazzi – Youngsters Carnival – Sant’Eraclio, Foligno

February Sant'Eraclio (PG) Umbria Umbria -Sant'Eraclio (PG)  Children | Festival

February 2022. Jugglers, acrobats and fire breathers.

Carnival in Fano

Carnival in Fano

February Fano (PU) Marche Marche -Fano (PU)  Children | Festival

February 2022, the biggest Carnival in the Marche region

Pontecorvo Carnival - Lazio

Pontecorvo Carnival

February Pontecorvo (FR) Lazio Lazio -Pontecorvo (FR)  Children | Festival | Folklore/Traditions | Food/Wine

February 2022. Folklore and tradition at the 69th Pontecorvo Carnival, Central Italy

Arco Carnival - Trentino Alto Adige

Arco Carnival

February Arco (TN) Trentino-Alto Adige Trentino-Alto Adige -Arco (TN)  Children | Festival

February 2022. The Carnival dedicated to children, in the Province of Trento.

Tiburtino Carnival - Tivoli

Tiburtino Carnival – Tivoli

February Tivoli (RM) Lazio Lazio -Tivoli (RM)  Children | Festival | Folklore/Traditions

February 2022. A mix of history, traditions and fun.

La Lachera - Rocca Grimalda

La Lachera – Rocca Grimalda

February Rocca Grimalda (Alessandria) Piemonte Piemonte -Rocca Grimalda (Alessandria)  Children | Festival | Folklore/Traditions

February 2022, an ancient Carnival and a wedding procession

Verdi Marathon - Italy

Verdi Marathon – Salsomaggiore-Busseto

February Salsomaggiore-Busseto (PR) Emilia-Romagna Emilia-Romagna -Salsomaggiore-Busseto (PR)  Experience | Hobby/Curiosities | Sport

On Sunday, February 2022 a marathon through Giuseppe Verdi’s birthplaces.

classis Ravenna Museum - Emilia Romagna

Classis Archeological Museum – Ravenna

All year long Classe (RA) Emilia-Romagna Emilia-Romagna -Classe (RA)  Art/Culture/History | Exhibitions/Visits/Museums

Once a sugar factory in Classe ancient port. From the Etruscans to the Early Middle Age.

Verrès Carnival - Aosta Valley, Italy

Verrès Historical Carnival

February - March Verrès (AO) Valle D'Aosta Valle D'Aosta -Verrès (AO)  Children | Festival | Folklore/Traditions | Historical reenactments

February-March 2022, the Carnival that celebrates Caterina di Challant.