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Festa Maggiore – Terlizzi

On August 4th in Terlizzi, celebration in honor of Madonna Nera di Sovereto.

Festa Maggiore in Terlizzi Puglia Italy
04 Aug 2019 Puglia -Terlizzi (BA)  Folklore/Traditions | Religious celebrations

Festa Maggiore in Terlizzi Puglia ItalyThe Black Madonna of Sovereto (Madonna Nera di Sovereto) is a Byzantine icon discovered around year 1000 in a karstic cave in the wood of Sovereto, in Terlizzi, in the province of Bari.

According to legend, a shepard saw a beam of light coming from the ground. Thanks to this light he found a cave containing a picture of the Black Madonna of Sovereto. The Sanctuary of Sovereto is now located in that cave.

At the beginning of the 18th Century the Virgin of Sovereto became the patron Saint of Terlizzi and her icon was embedded in a silver shrine. Since then, the annual celebrations in honor of the patron Saint are held on April 16th and 23rd, while Festa Maggiore is held on the first Sunday of August.

On Sunday August 4th 2019 the icon of the Madonna goes through the streets of the town on a triumphal float, a spectacular 22-metre high machine pushed by 60 men and 4 helmsmen.


Festa Maggiore in Terlizzi - Apulia Italy

Photos: official facebook page of the event


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