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Putignano Carnival

24 June-3 July 2022, the oldest Carnival in Europe. 4 parades and a Pentolaccia feast

24 Jun 2022 - 03 Jul 2022 Puglia -Putignano (Bari)  Carnival | Children | Folklore-Traditions

Putignano Carnival, now in its 627th edition, is recognized as the oldest Carnival in Europe.

The 2022 theme is the traditional rites to rediscover and enhance the identity of the territory.

The parades of allegorical floats will take place from June 24th to July 3rd 2022.

Farinella traditional mask, a clown wearing the city colours, opens the parade of Putignano Carnival.
Farinella is also the name of a traditional food similar to a chickpea and barley flatbread.

Every year, Putignano chooses the Carnival’s main theme from which the themes wagons draw inspiration.
After 2019 theme “Satire and Freedom” inviting people to be free, the 2020 theme was “how Carnival see the Earth”.
At the end of the event, the best-themed wagon is announced.

The event includes workshops for kids, literary, entertainment and live performances.

For the occasion, the Carnival Museum in Putignano opens extraordinarily and the days before and after the parades, it organizes guided tours of the papier-mâché giants workrooms to see the work of the craftsmen. Reservation is required

The Carnival Foundation is committed to environmental sustainability, for this reason, uses only recycled paper-mâché and plastic free eco-friendly materials.

Admission with fees to the masked parades
Free entry for kids under 14

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