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SpeleoNight at Castellana Caves

A unique experience discovering the underground life and sounds of the caves

SpeleoNight at Castellana Caves Puglia Italy
July - September Puglia -Grotte di Castellana (Bari)  Hobby | Nature-Excursions

SpeleoNight is a night excursion at Castellana Caves in Puglia.

After the closing hours to the public, Castellana Caves offer the participants the possibility to visit the Caves equipped with helmet, air tank, and acetylene light, so that they can personally experiment with the feelings of the first explorers under the guide of expert speleologists.

In this extraordinary excursion of SpeleoNight, the visitors listen to the sounds of the Caves, discover and observe the fauna that lives in the subsoil and they can feel strong and involving sensations when they walk in the dark and they must face a path all alone.

Speleonight can be done by a group of at least 15 people.
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The excursion
The Caverna Lupa is the first stop-over, followed by the Caverna Monumenti where the lights are turned off and the visitor is left only with the acetylene light of the guides so that he can experience the sensations of the first explorers. Then the path continues towards the Caverna Concrezioni Coralline and next there is the Caverna Civetta, where it is possible to admire the flora and see some animals of the caves. A passage at the Caverna Precipizio introduces to the most thrilling moment that begins at the Corridoio del Deserto, where every participant must sweep a corridor of 500 mt all alone! It is a moment of reflection, of intense emotion that makes you live in close contact with the cave. The tour continues at theCaverna Torre di Pisa and at at the Caverna Cupola. In this last cave, the lights are turned off again, even those of the guides to be immersed in the total darkness which allows to emphasize the hearing and to listen to the natural sounds of the caves such as the fall of the drops on the ground.

From the darkness, one of the last steps is to join the pure white color of the Grotta Bianca where experts explain the geology of underground environments.

Finally, visitors return to the Grave illuminated by artificial lights that allow them to observe the huge spaces of the caverns.
Once arrived at the starting point people come back by lift which brings to the Museum where the helmets are given back.

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Photos from the press office of Castellana Caves

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