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Girotonno – Carloforte

24-27 May. Live cooking, meetings and shows in honor of the red tuna.

Girotonno - Carloforte Sardinia Italy
24 May 2018 - 27 May 2018 Sardinia -Carloforte, San Pietro Island  Food/Wine

The 16th edition of Girotonno takes place in Carloforte, on the small island of San Pietro in South-Eastern Sardinia, from May 24 until May 27, 2018.
Girotonno is a food and wine event that is becoming more successful and international every year: 4 days of events, live cooking, meetings and shows whose protagonist is red tuna, traditionally caught on the Island.

The program:
Tuna Cuisine Competition: an international food competition where the participants (coming from all over the world) challenge one another by preparing recipes based on the tuna. A technical jury, composed by journalists, experts and opinion leaders, and a popular jury, composed by the visitors who taste the dishes evaluate them and vote for the best one with a number pallet.

Girotonno Live Cooking: live cooking show where the audience can watch the preparation of recipes based on tuna realized by Italian and international chefs and finally visitors can taste the plates.

– Girotonno Tuna Village: Sardinian and Japanese recipes to taste.

Live Music: Italian and interntional artists perform for free.
This year’s musicians: Banditi e Campioni (24 May), Fargetta e Prezioso (25 May), Piero Pelù (26 May).

(photos: event’s official facebook page)

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