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Dolomites Snow Sculptures Festival

January 10-12 and 15-17, 2024. Winter art in San Vigilio and San Candido

Trentino Alto Adige snow sculptures festival
10 Jan 2024 - 17 Jan 2024 Trentino-Alto Adige -San Vigilio and San Candido (Bolzano)  Art-Culture-History | Children | Festival-Fairs

In January 2023, the Dolomites Snow Sculptures Festival, this year in its 33rd edition, is held in Trentino Alto Adige,

The Dolomites Snow Sculptures Festival is organized in two January weekends  in the municipalities of San Vigilio and San Candido in South Tyrol, at the foot of the Dolomites:
from 10 to 12 January in San Vigilio
from 15 to 17 January in San Candido

Over 30 artists, divided into 10 teams, give life to the festival in the most evocative corners of both locations where enormous cubes of pressed snow (3x3x3 m) are placed at the artists’ disposal. They are allowed to use a saw and a shovel and only water to solidify their artwork.

Snow sculptures must be completed within three days of the event. Then it’s up to the visitors and the inhabitants to choose the best ones.

The venue is cunningly illuminated so the sculptures can be admired also at night. Sculptures are left there until spring thaw melts them

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