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Desmontegar Feast – Valle di Primiero

19-22 September. The Dolomites celebrate the herds’ return from the mountain pasture.

desmontegar trentino
19 Sep 2019 - 22 Sep 2019 Trentino-Alto Adige -Valle di Primiero (TN)  Children | Festival | Folklore | Food/Wine

The Desmontegar Feast is a four-day-long festival dedicated to livestock and agriculture that takes place in the Primiero Valley from September 19th to September 22nd, 2019.
It celebrates the return of the herds (dairy cattles, cattles, calves), as well as horses and donkeys, to their village stables, which occurs every September, when the first cold temperatures officially end the long summer months spent grazing in the mountain pasture.

The feast, now in its 20th edition, ends on Sunday, also known as the day of the “Desmontegada“, after four days of liveliness and authentic Dolomites farming tradition.

(photos: event’s official website)

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