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Saint Martin Bonfires – Predazzo

On November 11, Saint Martin’s Day, bonfires, chestnuts and mulled wine.

Saint Martin Bonfires
11 Nov 2021 Trentino-Alto Adige -Predazzo (TN)  Children | Folklore/Traditions | Food/Wine

Every year on November 11Predazzo, in the Province of Trento, celebrates Saint Martin’s Day and the centenary history of the Feudal Rule (a 600-year-old local institution) with the Saint Martin Bonfires.

Once upon a time, November 11 marked the end of the agricultural season and the distribution of the regalia, which were of extreme importance to farmers. For the occasion, the 5 (now 10) city districts secretly built huge heaps of wood that they would then set on fire.

To the present day, these bonfires – located on every side of the mountains around Predazzo – are lit at 8pm sharp, with each district competing to make theirs the highest of the bunch.

While the fires burn, the second part of the celebration starts in the town centre: to the sound of cow bells and goat horns, a noisy parade descends from the mountains. Once it reaches the centre of Predazzo, the Saint Martin Bonfires celebration ends in a big party with chestnuts, traditional dishes and products, mulled wine, tea, and other drinks.

(photos: event’s official website)

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