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Sagra del Tordo in Montalcino

27-29 October 2023. Archery competition, traditional food and excellent wine.

Sagra del Tordo - Tuscany - Italy
27 Oct 2023 - 29 Oct 2023 Tuscany -Montalcino (Siena)  Folklore-Traditions | Food-Wine

From October 27th to 29th 2023 – as every last weekend of October –  Montalcino, in the Province of Siena, celebrates the Sagra del Tordo, the “Song Thrush Festival”.

The Song Thrush Festival, which reaches its 65th edition, originates from the ancient hunting tradition of these areas, where the migratory flow of birds from the North, and in particular of thrushes, has always been very intense.

In the Middle Ages, when hunters and falconers returned to their villages laden with prey, it was customary to organize parties in which nobles and people participated together. Men measured themselves in jousting, while women prepared large banquets with the game and local wine.

The archery competition is the most important moment when the representatives of the 4 districts of Montalcino, challenge each other and are recognizable by the colors of their costumes: Borghetto (white and red), Pianello (white and blue), Ruga (yellow and blue) and Travaglio (yellow and red).

The historical parade made up of 150 figures, with costumes inspired by medieval ones, goes through the streets of the town, decorated for the occasion with the flags of the four districts.

The winning district collects a silver arrow, and celebrations will continue throughout the winter, with the defeated districts mocked by the winners with songs and jokes.

During the festival, at the four districts it is possible to taste the typical dishes and products of the Siea area: pappardelle with wild boar, pinci al sugo, mushroom soup, bread soup, quail rotisserie, fried polenta, red tripe, and much more. All, of course, accompanied by the famous wines of Montalcino.

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