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The Legacy of Women – Florence

23-25 ​​October 2020. Festival dedicated to the contribution of women to the human progress . Also online

The Legacy of Women - Tuscany - Italy
23 Oct 2020 - 25 Oct 2020 Tuscany -Florence  Art/Culture/History | Festival

From October 23 to 25, 2020, Florence hosts the 3rd edition of The Legacy of Women (L’Eredità delle Donne) at Manifattura Tabacchi, the festival directed by Serena Dandini to give light to the role played, over the centuries, by women scientists and artists, writers and pioneers of all areas of knowledge, but not always recognized on a par with male colleagues.

And looking not only at the past, because the challenges for women nowadays are still many all over the world. For gender equality, for the rights of all, against all discrimination, for the health of humanity and that of the Planet.

For three days Florence becomes the city of women with meetings, readings, guided tours, previews and tributes to important female personalities. All in the name of an illustrious Florentine: the Electress of the Palatinate, or Anna Maria Luisa de ‘Medici (1667-1743), true muse of the festival, the first’ Mother of the Homeland ‘and Mother of Italian and European culture ante litteram.

The Legacy of Women - Tuscany - Italy
Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici

Last of the Medici grand-ducal branch, Anna Maria Luisa is the woman to whom Florence owes much of its cultural and artistic heritage. In 1737 in the drafting of the Agreement with Francesco Stefano di Lorena, better known as the Family Pact, the Electress of the Palatinate, “assigns, gives, and transfers to His Royal Highness and his successors Grand Dukes, all the Furniture, and Rarity [..] such as Galleries, Paintings, Statues, Libraries, Joys and other precious things “, ordering to preserve within the city of Florence and the State of the Grand Duchy all the artistic and cultural heritage of the Medici collections” for ornament of the State, and for the benefit of the public and to attract the curiosity of foreigners “.

Thanks to his generous contribution, it was possible to keep the cultural and artistic heritage of the city of Florence intact, making it the world casket of treasures we know today. Precisely for this reason she was chosen as the exceptional godmother for The Legacy of Women.

Today scientists, economists, entrepreneurs, politicians, writers and artists can discuss for three days in Florence about the world that will have them as protagonists. Guests, among others, are the Director-General at Cern Fabiola Gianotti, the virologist Ilaria Capua, the minister Elena Bonetti, the biomedical engineer director of the “E. Piaggio “Arti Ahluwalia, and Annalisa Malara, the anesthetist from Lodi who was the first to” think the impossible “by diagnosing the first case of Covid-19 on an Italian patient.

The festival’s objective is clear: to give a voice to women and express their point of view, in an attempt to trace solutions for the future through the leading role that women have had and will have in the human progress on all fronts of knowledge

A preview of fifteen events will show the editorial news of the year: fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature.

The format is also available online on the Facebook page and on that of La Nazione newspaper, media partner of the literary preview.

Photos from the Facebook page of the event